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Strength, performance, luxury and style are built into all of the flooring products you will find under the Earthwerks brand name. We have looked all over the globe to find floor coverings that will provide you with lasting beauty at affordable prices.

Glue Down

How to Install LVT / LVP Flooring

Glue Down Flooring

Glue Down installation is historically the first installation method for LVT. It is the most affordable product type in this category and tolerates the heaviest loads. Glue down vinyl flooring is highly forgiving to abuse and usage. Because of these reasons, Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Tile / Plank flooring is the most common product used for multi-family housing as well as heavy commercial projects.

Click / Floating Floors

Click LVT/ LVP products are engineered with locking systems that provide excellent opportunities for fast installation without adhesive and increased forgiveness over subfloors. Click installations are also considered to be “floating floors,” as they do not adhere directly to or cause damage to the subfloor. These products require a thick core in order to allow enough space to shape the locking mechanism.

They are portable, can be repurposed and manty times are available for DIY projects. Click vinyl flooring products are most widely found the in the SPC and WPC constructions, as these are the newest technology for waterproof, rigid, floating flooring.

Loose Lay

Loose Lay installations are fast and forgiving. These planks (or tiles) can easily be replaced and repurposed, and the subfloor can be accessed later as needs arise. Loose lay flooring products can easily be installed with no locking mechanism, and often require less prep work and less clean-up of the installation site.